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The 48″ CoilPak is a reusable plastic reel designed and built to handle secondary distribution cable in a continual reusable manner. The reel features an easily removable top flange that allows users to load or unload coils of cable that are available from cable manufacturers.

This concept eliminates the need for the wooden reel and saves costs in the following ways:

  • Reduced costs of cable purchases by not buying the wood reel
  • Reduced costs of freight for cable purchases
  • Eliminates the costs associated with disposal of wooden reels. These solid waste reductions are a major focus of the utility industry and the wire and cable industry
  • Reduce operating costs for the reclamation of scrap cable or partial coils. These partials can be easily banded and removed from the reel.
  • Eliminates the costs of injuries common with the nails, splinters, staples, and sharp edges found on wooden reels
  • Environmentally responsible. It’s hard to quantify what the costs are of cutting down one of the most beautiful natural resources just to make wooden reels. It’s not difficult to drive by local landfills and dumps and notice what a large part of the problem wooden reels are. Our plastic reels are 100 percent recyclable.


  • 48” flange diameter
  • 28” traverse
  • 17” core diameter
  • 3” arbor hole
  • 1500# payload
  • 1500’ capacity
  • The flanges can be secured in a manner to prevent wobble or shimmy
  • Assembly is a one-person operation
  • Total weight not to exceed 110 lbs. and not less than 109 lbs
  • No sharp edges or slivers.
  • A fully loaded reel can withstand a four-foot drop at -10 degrees F without breaking or becoming too damaged for additional uses
  • The reel has grooves to allow for banding of partial coils
  • The inner tail of coils are secured through start holes (one on each flange)
  • The reels have a minimum life cycle of 80 uses
  • The reels can be recycled
  • Coils can be easily loaded onto reels
  • Reels shall be manufactured to allow for the use of a T-bar by crews
  • The reel allows for tension stringing with a minimum of one securing point on each flange
  • Reels shall accommodate a lifting bar to aid loading onto trailers

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