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At Sordelet and Scheele Reels and Specialty Products we field a lot of questions from our existing and potential customers. For your convenience we have included some below. You can simply click on the question to reveal the answer. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us via our contact form.

No. Nothing lasts forever, however the CoilPak has been tested to survive 200 trips. The original specifications handed to us by the cable manufacturer called for a minimum of 80 uses. Our packaging experts can help instruct on proper handling techniques.

This is a question best directed to your cable manufacturer, however, having sold reels for the largest reel suppliers in the industry for over a decade, I can accurately tell you that the 48” nailed wood reels costs the cable manufacturers between $45.00 and $75.00 each. Ask them if they’re giving those to you for free.