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Welcome to Sordelet and Scheele Reels and Specialty Products

For more than one hundred years, the electric utility industry has relied on the wooden reel to deliver and install their underground distribution cable. The wooden reel was relatively inexpensive and met the needs for both the wire and cable producers and their end users. Today however, as deregulation has created a more competitive market, coupled with federal and state regulations for solid waste reduction, a more efficient and economical alternative was created. This trend saves the cable producers the cost of purchasing the wooden reel. It also allows them to ship more cable per truck. The end users saves money on their cable purchases and the eliminates the disposal costs associated with the wooden reels.

S and S Reels and Specialty Products, Inc., working in cooperation with two major wire and cable producers designed, tested, and now produces the next generation of power cable reels. The result was the 48″ CoilPak, a 100 percent recyclable plastic reel capable of handling heavy payloads in a continual and reusable manner. The 48″ CoilPak features an easily removable top flange that allows the user to install coils of cable now being offered by the wire and cable producers.