About Us

Sordelet and Scheele Reels and Specialty Products, Inc.

Our company is a manufacturer of plastic reusable reels for the wire & cable industry. We have worked cooperatively with the major wire & cable manufacturers and their customers for the past five years designing, testing, and manufacturing products that support a completely new means of producing, packaging, shipping, receiving, and using their wire & cable.

Our first product, the 48” CoilPak is a plastic reel designed and built to handle secondary distribution cable in a continual reusable manner.

The benefits are many:

  • Reduced costs of cable purchases by not buying the wood reel
  • Reduced costs of freight for cable purchases
  • Eliminates the costs associated with disposal of wooden reels. These solid waste reductions are a major focus of the utility industry and the wire and cable industry

With companies today under increasing pressure to reduce cost and to reduce waste for environmental reasons, the 48” CoilPak is the solution. Call or e-mail us today for more information about our revolutionary plastic reel products.

Barry Sordelet

Barry Sordelet brings twelve years of experience in design, production, sales, and management of wire & cable packaging. Previously, Barry held sales and management positions with Mossberg Industries, Inc., R-2 Systems, Inc., and Carris Reels, Inc.

William Scheele

William Scheele brings 13 years experience in manufacturing to Sordelet & Scheele Reels and Specialty Products. William was responsible for production at the family owned Pepsi-Cola franchise in northeast Indiana. He then spent six years in sales and management with Pepsi and 7up in Indianapolis, Indiana. William then managed warehousing and distribution for an electronics chain for 6 years. Barry Sordelet and William teamed together to start the well known Twist and Shout music chain in northwest Indiana. Barry sold his share of Twist and Shout to William to join Mossberg Industries in the reel business. Then eight years later William sold Twist and Shout to another chain of music stores. Now Bill and Barry have teamed together again to bring exciting new products to the industrial market with Sordelet & Scheele Reels and Specialty Products.

Sordelet and Scheele Reels and Specialty Products, Inc. looks forward to servicing your packaging requirements. From design, construction, testing, and implementation of our revolutionary plastic 48” CoilPak, Sordelet and Scheele Reels and Specialty Products, Inc.will become your partners in packaging.

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